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Targeting Enforcement Where Needed Most In Africa’s Heart of Biodiversity

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(February 24, 2014) Targeting Enforcement Where Needed Most  In Africa’s Heart of Biodiversity. Data-driven analysis will maximize return-on-investment in protecting wildlife and wild land   New York (February 24, 2014)—Scientists seeking a more efficient way of protecting the heart of Africa’s wildlife—the Greater Virunga Landscape—have developed a method to make the most of limited enforcement resources, according to a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the ...


Uganda Develops Database For Wildlife Crime Offenders

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(February 23, 2014)   WCS and Uganda Wildlife Authority collaborate on online tool NEW YORK (Dateline) –The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) have collaborated to produce an online tool that will allow law enforcement officials to access a database to track offenders of wildlife crime in real-time and across the country. The database, which can be updated online at all Uganda parks and headquarters,will enable better monitoring of arrests, identify repeat offende...