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A Pocket Guide to the Chameleons of Uganda
Author(s): Mathias Behangana; Daniel F. Hughes
Year: 2019
Publisher: Uganda Wildlife Authority; Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda; NatureUganda; USAID
Assessing the Distribution and Habitat Use of Chimpanzees between Budongo and Bugoma Corridors
Author(s): Samuel Ayebare; P. Kihumuro; M. Leal; Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
Publisher: Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda
Full Citation: Ayebare, S., P. Kihumuro, N. Leal, and S. Nampindo (2018). Assessing the Distribution and Habitat Use of Chimpanzees in the Corridor Forests Located between Budongo and Bugoma Forest Reserves in the Murchison-Semliki Landscape. Kampala, Uganda: Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda, 1-15.
Handbook on Community Engagement in Conserving Wildlife
Author(s): Uganda Wildlife Authority
Year: 2021
Full Citation: Uganda Wildlife Authority (2021). Handbook on Community Engagement in Conserving Wildlife.
Handbook on Wildlife Related Offences and Penalties in Uganda
Author(s): Uganda Wildlife Authority
Year: 2021
Full Citation: Uganda Wildlife Authority (2021). Handbook on Wildlife Related Offences and Penalties in Uganda.
Policy Brief on Illegal Wildlife Trade in Uganda
Author(s): Vincent Opyene(NRCN) Cathy Haenlein (RUSI)
Year: 2021
Publisher: USAID, RUSI, African Wildlife Foundation, NRCN Conservation, and Wildlife Conservation Society
Full Citation: Opyene, V., and C. Haenlein (2021). Policy Brief on Illegal Wildlife Trade in Uganda. Kampala, Uganda: USAID, RUSI, African Wildlife Foundation, NRCN Conservation, and Wildlife Conservation Society, 1-7.
Uganda Wildlife Law and Witness Handbook
Author(s): Didi Wamukoya (AWF)
Year: 2021
Full Citation: Wamukoya, D., Your Role as a Witness: A Handbook for Ugandan Wildlife Law Enforcers (African Wildlife Foundation, 2021)
Illegal Wildlife Trade in Uganda
Author(s): RUSI
Year: 2021
WCS Uganda Country Program COVID-19 Health Safety Guidelines-September2020
Author(s): WCS Uganda
Year: 2020
Year: 2020-2029
Improving the tourist experience in Queen Elizabeth Protected Area: Addressing the invasive species and re-assessment of the tourism tracks with specific reference to lions
Author(s): Samuel Ayebare; Ben Kirunda; Moses Nyago; Simon Nampindo
Year: 2020
Publisher: Wildlife Conservation Society
Communication Strategy for WCS Uganda Program
Author(s): WCS Uganda
Year: 2019-2020
Uganda National Strategy for Combating Paoching
Author(s): WCS Uganda
Aerial surveys of Kidepo Valley National Park and Karenga Community Wildlife Area 2014
Author(s): F. Wanyama, P. Elkan, F. Grossmann, S. Mendiguetti, M. Modi, F. Kisame, R. Kato, D. Okiring, S. Loware, and A.J.Plumptre
Year: 2014
Aerial surveys of Murchison Falls Protected Area 2014
Author(s): F. Wanyama, P. Elkan, F. Grossmann, S. Mendiguetti, F. Kisame, G. Mwedde, R. Kato, D. Okiring, S. Loware, and A.J.Plumptre
Year: 2014
Aerial surveys of the Greater Virunga Landscape - Technical Report 2014
Author(s): F. Wanyama, E. Balole, P. Elkan, , S. Mendiguetti, S. Ayebare, F. Kisame, P.Shamavu, R. Kato, D. Okiring, S. Loware, J. Wathaut, B.Tumonakiese, Damien Mashagiro, T. Barendse and A.J.Plumptre
Year: 2014
Greater Virunga Landscape Large Mammal Surveys 2010
Author(s): A.Plumptre, D.Kujirakwinja, D.Moyer, M. Driciru & A. Rwetsiba
Year: 2010
Apiary management-for-beekeeping-groups Canodia and Ribeen, Teko-Diima Parish, Kirandongo district -Training Report
Year: 2020
Beekeeping Feasibility and Needs assessment-Summary Report
Author(s): George Mugula
Year: 2020
Author(s): Mustafa Nsubuga, Caroline Twahebwa, Geoffrey Mwedde, Benjamin Sunday, Peter N.Bisimbeko and Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
Uganda-Policy and Legal gap Analysis -NNL-NG
Author(s): Robert Nabanyumya (PhD), Stephen Khaukha, Ronald Naluwairo (PhD)
Uganda-Capacity and experience Gaps Assessment Report
Author(s): WCS COMBO Project Team
COMBO Uganda data gap analysis report May 2017
Author(s): Dr. Grace Nangendo, Beatrice Kyasiimire
Year: 2017
National Biodiversity and Social Offset Strategy 2019
Year: May, 2019
Uganda tourism development Master plan 2014-2024
Year: 2014-2024
IUCN redlist red list of threatened species in Uganda
Year: 2018
State of Wildlife resources in Uganda
Year: 2018
Tourism investment opportunities in Northern Uganda book
Lion Alliance Meeting Report - October 5th 2018
Author(s): Helen Mwiza
Year: 2018
QENP Lion Stakeholder Consultative Meeting Report September 5th 2018
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Helen Mwiza
Year: 2018
Lion Alliance Meeting Report APRIL 25TH 2019
Author(s): Helen Mwiza
Year: 2019
Community-Based Wildlife Crime Prevention Action Plan (2017-2023) - MFPA
Author(s): Dr. Henry Travers
Year: 2017 - 2023
Ecosystem Accounting in Uganda Report - FINAL
Author(s): Nampindo, S. (WCS), Plumptre, A. (WCS), Nangendo, G. (WCS), Ayebare, S. (WCS) and Rainey, H. (WCS), King, S. (UNEP-WCMC), Eigenraam., M. (IDEEA Group), Harfoot, M. (UNEP-WCMC), Obst, C. (IDEEA Group), Brown, C (UNEP-WCMC), van Soesbergen, A. (UNEP-WCMC), Shennan-Farpon, Y. (UNEP-WCMC), Arnell, A. (UNEP-WCMC), Vause, J. (UNEP-WCMC), Kaggwa, R. (NPA), Ogwal, F. (NEMA), Muyizzi, J. (NEMA), Pomeroy, D. (Makerere University), Tushabe, H. (Makerere University)
Year: 2017
Full Citation: UNEP-WCMC & IDEEA (2017) Experimental Ecosystem Accounts for Uganda. Cambridge, UK.
Ecosystem Services supply and benefit Report small
Year: 2016
Community-Based Wildlife Crime Prevention Action Plan (2017-2023)- QENP
Author(s): Dr. Henry Travers
Year: 2017-2023
Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas and other sites of national importance in Uganda (Test)
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Sam Ayebare, Mathias Behangana, Tom G. Forrest, Paul Hatanga, Christine Kabuye, Ben Kirunda, Robert Kityo, Hamlet Mugabe, Mary Namaganda, Simon Nampindo, Grace Nangendo, David N. Nkuutu, Derek Pomeroy, Herbert Tushabe, Sarah Prinsloo
Year: 2019
Journal/Source: Wiley Conservation Science and Practices
Publisher: Wiley Conservation Science and Practices
Full Citation: Plumptre AJ, Ayebare S, Behangana M, et al. Conservation of vertebrates and plants in Uganda: Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas and other sites of national importance. Conservation Science and Practice. 2019;1:e7. 1002/csp2.7
Uganda Forestry Nature Conservation Master Plan 2002lr
Author(s): Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment,Forest Department
Year: 2019
IWT Brochure
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Helen Mwiza
Year: 2018
NWCCTF Inter-Ministerial Meeting Report
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde
Year: 2018
SMART Analysis Manual
Author(s): Patricia Ryser-Welch, Rob Critchlow & Colin Beale
Year: 2018
Refresher Training of MECA and QECA field staff in SMART and CyberTracker
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Joshua Mabonga, Geoffrey Mwedde, Samuel Ayebare, Mustafa Nsubuga, Simon T. Nampindo, Fred Wanyama, John Okot Emitchell, Amos Aijuka and Sandra Maisha
Year: 2016
GVL IN-DEPTH STUDY Inception report April 30 2017
Author(s): S.T. Nampindo, G. Nangendo, S. Ayebare, B. Kirunda, H. Mugabe, M. Leal, and A.J. Plumptre
GVTC-WCS report on behaviour changes to development and climate changes-final_2017.12.14
Author(s): A.J. Plumptre, G. Nangendo, S. Ayebare, B. Kirunda, H. Mugabe, P.B. Nsubuga & S. Nampindo
Year: 2017
Full Citation: Plumptre, A.J., Nangendo, G., Ayebare, S., Kirunda, B., Mugabe, H., Nsubuga, P., & S. Nampindo (2017). Impacts of climate Change and Industrial Development in the Greater Virunga Landscape on the long‐term Changes in Wildlife Behavior. Report submitted to GVTC‐ES. November 2017
Author(s): Miguel Leal
Neornithes Crane_2017 vol 4 issue 1 vs 2
Author(s): Miguel Leal
The Murchison-Semliki REDD plus project- Western Uganda
Author(s): Miguel Leal,Phillip Kihumuro
Biodiversity Surveys of East Madi Wildlife Reserve
Author(s): A.J Plumptre,S.Kato,R.Kityo,N.Mutungire,H.Mugabe and J.Kyamaywa
Documentation of Existing and potential oil (geothermal) projects,mapping their likely adverse negative effects on the biodiversity conservation and community livelihoods in the Greater virunga landscape
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, S.Prinsloo,S.Ayebare ,G.Nangendo
REDD+ Activities in the districts of Hoima Uganda
Author(s): Miguel Leal
Testing the effectiveness of surrogate species for conservation planning in the greater virunga landscape,Africa
Author(s): Kendall R.Jones
Biodiversity Surveys of Murchison Falls Protected Area
Murchison Falls National Park Lions population structure ranging and key threats to their survival
Author(s): Tutilo Mudumba and Sophia Jingo
Spatiotemporal trends of illegal activities from ranger-collected data in a Ugandan National Park
Author(s): R.Critchlow,A.J Plumptre,M.Driciru,A.Rwestiba, E.J Stokes, C.Tumwesigye,F.Wanyama,C.M Beale
Trade-offs in conservation area design A case study from the Murchison Semliki Landscape in Uganda
Author(s): D.B.Segan,J.E.M.Watson,G.Nangendo,S.Ayebare and A.J Plumptre
Improving ranger patrol effectiveness and efficiency using law enforcement monitoring data
Author(s): R.Critchlow
Analysing trends of illegal activities from Ranger-collected data in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Author(s): R.Critchlow
Year: 2014
Full Citation: R. Critchlow, C. Beale, M. Driciru, A. Rwetsiba, F.Wanyama, C. Tumwesigye, E. Stokes and A.J.Plumptre
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in the Murchison Semliki Landscape
Author(s): Miguel Leal
Law Enforcement Monitoring lessons in the Albertine Rift
Author(s): A.J Plumptre,D. Kujirakwinja, A.Rwetsiba,F.Wanyama,CTumwesigye,R.Nishuli,M.Driciru, R. Muhabwe,E.Enyel,Fred Kisame,R.Critchlow and C.Beale
WCS-USAID Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund Study report
Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society
GVTC_REDD+ transboundary action plan_print version
Author(s): Leal,M.E,G.Nangendo and A.Plumptre and T.Evans
Efficiently targeting resources to deter illegal activities in protected areas
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Richard A. Fuller, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Fredrick Wanyama, Deo Kujirakwinja, Margaret Driciru, Grace Nangendo, James E. M. Watson and Hugh P. Possingham
Year: 2014
Journal/Source: Journal of Applied Ecology
Publisher: 2014 The Authors. Journal of Applied Ecology © 2014 British Ecological Society, Journal of Applied Ecology
Full Citation: Andrew J. Plumptre1,2*, Richard A. Fuller2, Aggrey Rwetsiba3, Fredrick Wanyama3, Deo Kujirakwinja4, Margaret Driciru3, Grace Nangendo1, James E. M. Watson 5,6 and Hugh P. Possingham2,7
An ancient icon reveals new mysteries mummy DNA resurrects a cryptic species within the Nile crocodile
Author(s): Evon Hekkala and Matthew Shirley et al
Year: 2011
Journal/Source: Molecular Ecology
Publisher: Black Well Publishing Ltd
Home Range and Frugivory Patterns of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
Author(s): M.M.Robbins and A.Mcneilage
Year: 2002
Full Citation: Martha M. Robbins 1 and Alastair McNeilage Received June 24, 2002; accepted July 29, 2002 2\0012331+-
Censusing the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes Complete sweep method versus Monitoring
Author(s): M. Gray, A. McNeilage, K. Fawcett, M. M. Robbins, B. Ssebide, D. Mbula P. Uwingeli 7 4
Year: 2009
Journal/Source: Africa Journal of Ecology
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Afr. J. Ecol.
Dietary Variability of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
Author(s): J. Ganas, M.M Robbins, J. B. Nkurunungi, B. A. Kaplin, A.Mcneilage
Year: 2003
Journal/Source: International Journal of Primatology, Vol. 25, No. 5, October 2004 ( C 2004)
Publisher: International Journal of Primatology,
Full Citation: Dietary Variability of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Census 2011
Author(s): Martha M. Robbins, Justin Roy ,Edward Wright Raymond Kato Peter Kabano Augustin Basabose Emmanuel Tibenda Linda Vigilant Maryke Gray
DEVELOPMENT AND GORILLAS Assessing 15 years of intergrated conservation and development in south-western Uganda
Author(s): Ivan Buyondo
Chimpanzé de Schweinfurth (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) Etat de conservation de l'espace et plan d'action 2010-2020
Eastern Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan 2010-2020
Conservation Action Plan for Uganda's Chimpanzees 2003-2008
Author(s): A.J Plumptre,M. Arnold D.Nkuutu
Year: 2003
Declining Populations What is the status of Vultures in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Author(s): R.Ssemmanda and A.J Plumptre
Assessment of availability and use of carbofuran & other Agrovet chemicals used to Poison lions in Uganda
Author(s): IE.O.Omoya and A.J Plumptre
Year: 2011
Protecting the Wildlife Corridors of the Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area
Strategic Plan for the Northern Albertine Rift of Uganda 2011-2020
Strategic action Plan for Large carnivore conservation in Uganda
Biodiversity Surveys of Bugoma forest Reserve, Smaller Central Forest Reserves and corridor forests south of Bugoma
Author(s): A. Plumptre,S Akwetaireho, D.C Hanni, M Leal , Nabert Mutungire, Julius Kyamanywa ,Dennis Tumuhamye , Johnson Ayebale and Sam Isoke
Biodiversity Surveys of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Kaiso Tonya Community Wildlife Area
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, N. Mutungire,H.Mugabe,B.Kirunda,C.Bogezi,R.Kityo,M.Behangana,J.Turyeigurira and S.Prinsloo
Policy brief - effects of oil exploration on large mammals and birds in MFNP
Author(s): Andrew Plumptre
Measuring Responses of Wildlife to Oil Operations in Murchison Falls National Park
Author(s): S. Prinsloo, P.Mulondo, G.Mugiru, and A.J Plumptre
Year: 2011
Identifying climate resilient corridors for conservation in the Albertine Rift
Author(s): S.Ayebare, R. Ponce-Reyes, D.B. Segan, J.E.M. Watson, H.P. Possingham, A. Seimon and A.J Plumptre
Year: 2013
Impact of fire and large mammals on the ecology of Queen Elizabeth National Park
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, B.Kirunda ,H.Mugabe , J.Stabach, M.Driciru, G.Picton Phillipps, S.Ayebare, G.Nangendo and N. Laporte
Biodiversity Surveys of Kidepo Valley National Park
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, S. Kato, R.Kityo, C.Bogezi, N.Mutungire B.Kirunda and D. Tumuhamye
Censusing Primates in the Budongo Forest Uganda
Author(s): A.J Plumptre and V.Reynolds
The Biodiversity of the Albertine Rift
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, M.Bahegana,T.Davenport, C. Kahindo, R.Kityo,E.Ndomba,D.Nkuutu, I. Owiunji, P. Ssegawa and G. Eilu
Year: 2003
Publisher: Wildlife Conservation Society
Strengthening Elephant Conservation in the Greater Virunga Landscape
Author(s): A. Plumptre, D. Kujirakwinja, I. Owiunji , A. Rwetsiba, F.Wanyama and P. Mwima
Year: 2008
Survey of Chimpanzees in the Virunga Park and the potential corridor of Mt.Hoyo
Author(s): A. Plumptre, D. Kujirakwinja & J.Mutunguru
Modelling Factors that Predict the distribution and density of ungulate species in the Queen Elizabeth National Park,Preliminary Findings
Author(s): A.J Plumptre,G.Picton Phillips,J.Stabach,N.Laporte,E.Ourum,S.Ayebare,R.Grosch,R.Knox and T. Akuguzibwe
Greater Virunga Landscape Prospectus
Author(s): Andrew Plumptre
Facts about the Greater Virunga
Author(s): A.Poekempner
Greater Virunga Landscape Large Mammal Surveys
Author(s): A. Plumptre, D. Kujirakwinja, D. Moyer, M. Driciru & A. Rwestiba
Year: 2010
Constraints to Sustainablility of Benefits from Wildlife Resources An analysis of socioeconomics of bushmeat hunting in and around major hunting sites in Uganda.
Author(s): William Olupot Alastair J. McNeilage and Andrew Plumptre
Year: 2008
Perceptions and solutions to human wildlife conflicts in and around Murchison falls National Park
Author(s): Tutilo Mudumba
Murchison-Semliki REDD+ Project Free Prior and Informed Consent Approach
Author(s): Dr Michelle Wieland
Resource training Guide on Climate Change & REDD3
Author(s): Moses Nyago
An Analysis of Socioeconomics of Bushmeat Hunting at Major Hunting Sites in Uganda
Author(s): W. Olupot; A.J. McNeilage; A.J Plumptre
Year: 2009
Publisher: Wildlife Conservation Society
Assessment of Corrdiors in the Murchison-Semliki Landscape
Author(s): S. Akwetariho, A. Plumptre and G. Nangendo
Biodiversity Surveys of the Corridor Forests East of Bugoma Forest Reserve upto Budongo forest Reserve
Author(s): A. Plumptre,S.Akwetariho,M.Leal,N.Mutingire,J.Kyamanwya,Dennis Tumuhamye,B.Bamutura,J.Ayebale and M.Ronald

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