Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas and other sites of national importance in Uganda (Test)
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre1,2 | Sam Ayebare1 | Mathias Behangana3 | Tom G. Forrest4 | Paul Hatanga1 | Christine Kabuye3 | Ben Kirunda1 | Robert Kityo3 | Hamlet Mugabe1 | Mary Namaganda3 | Simon Nampindo1 | Grace Nangendo1 | David N. Nkuutu5 | Derek Pomeroy3 | Herbert Tushabe3 | Sarah Prinsloo1
Year: 2019
Journal/Source: Wiley Conservation Science and Practices
Publisher: Wiley Conservation Science and Practices
Full Citation: Plumptre AJ, Ayebare S, Behangana M, et al. Conservation of vertebrates and plants in Uganda: Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas and other sites of national importance. Conservation Science and Practice. 2019;1:e7. 1002/csp2.7
Uganda Forestry Nature Conservation Master Plan 2002lr
Author(s): Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment,Forest Department
Year: 2019
NWCCTF Inter-Ministerial Meeting Report
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
SMART Analysis Manual
Author(s): Patricia Ryser-Welch, Rob Critchlow & Colin Beale
Year: 2018
Refresher Training of MECA and QECA field staff in SMART and CyberTracker
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Joshua Mabonga, Geoffrey Mwedde, Samuel Ayebare, Mustafa Nsubuga, Simon T. Nampindo, Fred Wanyama, John Okot Emitchell, Amos Aijuka and Sandra Maisha
Year: 2016
Author(s): Miguel Leal
Biodiversity Surveys of East Madi Wildlife Reserve
Author(s): A.J Plumptre,S.Kato,R.Kityo,N.Mutungire,H.Mugabe and J.Kyamaywa
WCS-USAID Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund Study report
Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society

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