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Conservation Action Plan for the Albertine Rift
Author(s): A.J.Plumptre, S. Ayebare, D. Segan, J. Watson and D.Kujirakwinja
Year: June 2016
Full Citation: Plumptre, A.J., Ayebare, S., Segan, D., Watson, J. & Kujirakwinja, D. (2016). Conservation Action Plan for the Albertine Rift.
Assessing the Distribution and Habitat Use of Chimpanzees between Budongo and Bugoma Corridors
Author(s): Samuel Ayebare; P. Kihumuro; M. Leal; Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
Publisher: Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda
Full Citation: Ayebare, S., P. Kihumuro, N. Leal, and S. Nampindo (2018). Assessing the Distribution and Habitat Use of Chimpanzees in the Corridor Forests Located between Budongo and Bugoma Forest Reserves in the Murchison-Semliki Landscape. Kampala, Uganda: Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda, 1-15.
Aerial surveys of Murchison Falls Protected Area 2014
Author(s): F. Wanyama, P. Elkan, F. Grossmann, S. Mendiguetti, F. Kisame, G. Mwedde, R. Kato, D. Okiring, S. Loware, and A.J.Plumptre
Year: 2014
Uganda Forestry Nature Conservation Master Plan 2002lr
Author(s): Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment,Forest Department
Year: 2019
IWT Brochure
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Helen Mwiza
Year: 2018
NWCCTF Inter-Ministerial Meeting Report
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde, Simon Nampindo
Year: 2018
Author(s): Geoffrey Mwedde
Year: 2018
SMART Analysis Manual
Author(s): Patricia Ryser-Welch, Rob Critchlow & Colin Beale
Year: 2018
Refresher Training of MECA and QECA field staff in SMART and CyberTracker
Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Joshua Mabonga, Geoffrey Mwedde, Samuel Ayebare, Mustafa Nsubuga, Simon T. Nampindo, Fred Wanyama, John Okot Emitchell, Amos Aijuka and Sandra Maisha
Year: 2016
Trade-offs in conservation area design A case study from the Murchison Semliki Landscape in Uganda
Author(s): D.B.Segan,J.E.M.Watson,G.Nangendo,S.Ayebare and A.J Plumptre
Strategic Plan for the Northern Albertine Rift of Uganda 2011-2020
Biodiversity Surveys of Bugoma forest Reserve, Smaller Central Forest Reserves and corridor forests south of Bugoma
Author(s): A. Plumptre,S Akwetaireho, D.C Hanni, M Leal , Nabert Mutungire, Julius Kyamanywa ,Dennis Tumuhamye , Johnson Ayebale and Sam Isoke
Biodiversity Surveys of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Kaiso Tonya Community Wildlife Area
Author(s): A.J Plumptre, N. Mutungire,H.Mugabe,B.Kirunda,C.Bogezi,R.Kityo,M.Behangana,J.Turyeigurira and S.Prinsloo
Policy brief - effects of oil exploration on large mammals and birds in MFNP
Author(s): Andrew Plumptre
Measuring Responses of Wildlife to Oil Operations in Murchison Falls National Park
Author(s): S. Prinsloo, P.Mulondo, G.Mugiru, and A.J Plumptre
Year: 2011
Identifying climate resilient corridors for conservation in the Albertine Rift
Author(s): S.Ayebare, R. Ponce-Reyes, D.B. Segan, J.E.M. Watson, H.P. Possingham, A. Seimon and A.J Plumptre
Year: 2013
Murchison-Semliki REDD+ Project Free Prior and Informed Consent Approach
Author(s): Dr Michelle Wieland
Assessment of Corrdiors in the Murchison-Semliki Landscape
Author(s): S. Akwetariho, A. Plumptre and G. Nangendo

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